About me

In 2007 I began receiving information and I was shown more and more. Recently I have had enough to be able to show you. I leed a very interesting life, full information that I was not expecting to see and that I previously had no concept of. I am very lucky to be able to ask questions and get answers.

Some of the information and answers that I have received has been placed online already both here and at www.understandingprophecies.blogspot.co.uk

When this began, I did not know what a Prophet or a prophecy was. Now I am explaining a large amount of prophecies and holy texts to other people. This particular blog provides the many, many references to the fact that God says more than one thing at the same time, and the references are mainly in the Bible.

To give you some simple examples of how words can say more than one thing at the same time, and how this is intended:

Alar also says Alter. It was a clue. Rewrite also says Re-right, meaning to correct something. Just two words and a message begins to appear that matches many prophecies that are being listed here. Alter, rewrite and correct.

To whirl something is to spin it. The past tense is whirled, which also says world. The world was world. Spun. In fact, world spun also says World’s pun, and the same word plays are the stuff of dream interpretation, or dream pun interpretation, to give it its full name.

The Prophet Joseph(pbuh) was a dream pun interpreter and was given a name meaning Decoder of the Code by the Pharaoh. The Prophet Daniel(pbuh) was also a dream pun interpreter and this is why he was called because he was good at interpreting hard sentences when writing appeared on a wall. (Using word plays the words said more than one thing at the same time too.)

More examples of word plays can be found at www.originallanguage.blogspot.co.uk

Most importantly, it was prophesied many times that you would see these things and this website will help anyone who explains biblical things to other people. In fact, the prophecies that you will see those things are coming true right here on this website. For example, Jesus(pbuh) said that people would understand what he was doing when he washed the feet of his disciples.

As Luke 8:1718 says, everything will be revealed if you pay attention to HOW you hear words.