This contents page will contain a basic outline under each heading, so that it can be read as an overview and basic report.

Please  be patient while the information becomes available and is arranged in an order that makes things as clear as possible and bookmark this page..

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Subjects covered should include

Prophecies that everyone will see this information

The Sealed Book

The Key of David(pbuh)

The Epiphany of Jesus(pbuh)

Son of God – meaning when applied to Prophets(pbut)

Baptism of Fire and light

The gift of tongues

The Riddle of the Universe – Why it is called the Uni-verse, like something with verses

Opening the Sealed Book

The written plan for Creation revealed in Adamic

Curses, Blessing and Miracles


The feeding of the Five Thousand

More food

The Laws

The truth will set you free

The Adamic Revelations

The meaning of Life – Why you exist, why you are here and what is going on

The Peace Plan